Three Top Priorities For Your Emergency Food Storage Items

In planning your family's Emergency Food Pantry, there are three top priorities to keep in mind: Calorie Counting Comfort Foods Multi-Function Foods Calorie Counting should be one of your first considerations. This is important to make sure the emergency supplies you have chosen have the most benefit to your family in terms of nutrition and health value. It is best is the items are also filling enough to sustain you and your loved ones until the next meal.  If they don't have enough Read more [...]

Quick Basic Emergency Pantry – Starter Level Pantry

As you can imagine, there are "pantries" and then there are "PANTRIES"!  Then there are a zillion versions in-between.  It all depends on when you started building an emergency storm pantry and how long you have been working on it.  Another secret is how to customize your crisis food pantry for your own family. But in this post, we are only talking about a Basic Emergency Starter Pantry.  This is totally different from your normal pantry, where you may have five or six different kinds of baking Read more [...]

Storing Emergency Food and Storm Supplies – How, Where and What

So now you have decided to finally start an Emergency Supply Pantry! Now you need to decide HOW you will store them?  Next decide WHERE you will keep the selected items?  Finally, WHAT items you feel you should have on hand? There are several key things to keep in mind.  Not only will you be storing food items, you will also be storing non-food items, such as linens, communication tools,  extra batteries, fuel, etc. I recommend keeping all food items in a cool and dry space.  Using good-quality Read more [...]

Get Into Emergency Survival Mode with Zombie Organization Tips

Zombies, Survivalism, Asteriods, Preppers, Catastrophic Storms!  Are you ready? In recent years, there has been increasing interest in "prepping" or being prepared for whatever emergency might come our way.  Some think this is just being crazy.  But being a native Floridian, it seems completely logical and reasonable to me. My mother always had a full hurricane closet ready just in case our area of the Gulf coast was hit by a hurricane.  We were fully prepared to last out a good 2-3 week Read more [...]

Tame That Clutter With Beautiful Toy Storage Chests

Who says toy storage chests have to be boring? In today's crazy, hectic society, taming toys is one of our biggest headaches.  Even when children try to pick up after themselves, it is often not completely successful.  They have more toys than space on their book shelves or the shelves are not deep enough.  A giant toy box - beautifully decorated for the child's personality or their room theme - is definitely the way to go. Sometimes toy boxes are simply ugly, nothing colorful, nothing cute, Read more [...]

Luxury Hotel Ideas Bring Functionality and Design To Your Home

No matter where I travel or what hotel chain I'm staying in, I always take note of the decor.  The room decor, the room hardware, the room lighting, etc.  Then there is the hotel art work.  Don't underestimate your artistic abilities.  Have you checked out some of the artwork up close?  Many of them could easily be copied with a bit of water colors, a wide white mat and expresso colored frame. Let's start with three ideas from an Atlanta Hyatt that I particularly like.  To begin with, we Read more [...]

Most Versatile Shoe Storage Ideas

Readers are always asking for my top shoe storage product, and I usually make a personal recommendation based on their own situation, closet size and needs.  But today I decided to share my top favorite most versatile shoe storage idea.  I wanted to give you one product idea that will work for - children's shoes, adult shoes, high heels, purses, gloves, etc. You see all of these different things mentioned have a different height, shape, width, etc. What I like about this Closet Read more [...]

Planting a Fall Vegetable Garden With Style

When it comes to home organization, don't forget your outer home.  That includes your garage, your yard, decks and porches as well as your gardens.  It's even more important to be organized when planning your spring/summer gardens as well as your fall/winter gardens. Through the Spring and Summer, home vegetable gardens yield tomatoes, green peppers, yellow squash, zucchini, kale, eggplant, beans and a multitude of other garden treats.  Nearing the end of Summer, some gardeners pack up their Read more [...]

Top Closet Organization Software to Help You Lose the Clutter

This is the new age of technology and there is now software that can help you with almost every area of your life; that include organizing your closet! Most of the software is designed very simply so that everyone can use it regardless of age, or nationality. In this post we will share some top organization software to help you lose the clutter in your home and show you how you can win the war in no time. How Does it Work? You will need to enter in the dimensions of the closet you will be Read more [...]

Top Fun Organization Ideas for Your Kitchen

Organizing your home can seem like a huge chore but if you take it room by room, you will find you can even have fun finding new ways to organize.  The kitchen is often the place where the most organization is needed. Depending on where your kitchen is located in your home and how many people tend to spend time in it, clutter from all around the home can end up in this one space. In this post we will share some of the top fun organization ideas for your kitchen so you can feel like you are Read more [...]